Marianne Jemtegård works as a conferencier for smaller and bigger events in the fashion, music and lifestyle segment. She can lead you through the night in style, or act as a show hostess doing interviews on stage.

Contact Marianne for a unique presentation at your next event.


E-handelsdagen 2014

Norway´s first e-commerce expo

500 people


Specsavers Karl Lagerfeld launch 2014

Press launch at Onda restaurant


Vixen Blog Awards

Oslo Folketeater,

1.500 people


Mote med Mening 2013

Norways biggest sustainable fashion show

500 people


Womens Weekend 2013 

Three day conference at Norefjell Spa Resort

1.000 people


 Årets brillemodell 2011

Model search at DogA designmuseum

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