Event & PR

For the past 10 years Marianne Jemtegård has arranged bigger events with high media coverage.

She is a hands on project manager that leads her clients from start to finish, from idea to event.


She has worked as a project manager for events such as:


Kappahl flagship fashion store launch party

Responsible for the visual re-branding of the Scandinavian fashion chain.


Vixen Blog Awards

1 500 people at Oslo Folketeater


Specsavers Årets Brillemodell

Model search at DogA design museum


Fashion shows for independent Norwegian Fashion Designers

Coreographer, responsible for guest lists and visual presentation of up-and-coming Norwegian designers such as Vatle.


She has also worked as a manager for music events such as:

Norwegian Nights in New York

A cultural exchange program between Norway and The United States, founded by Marianne Jemtegård and Mark Steiner. Madrugada and Silver were amongst the bands featured in this program. The project was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture.


Blood on the Wall Norwegian tour in association with Pepsi

Tour manager for a week long Norwegian concert tour with this New York band.
Norwegian Music Festival Sement
Founder and manager of a two-day music festival with over 30 bands and 1000 visitors in Oslo.